Let’s put the record straight on certification of electrical work.

I am often asked by my clients about issues that concern them regarding electrical installations in their home or business premises. The majority of these issues relate to poor installation practices by others and lack of certification issued.

For Example.

  • An electrician has altered wiring in my house – can you issue a certificate for me?
  • I am unhappy with work that someone else has done – can you test it for me?
  • My electrician has let me down and I need you to finish off the work?
  • My builder will not issue certification on the electrical work in my house?

If you are a home owner, landlord or other, be aware of your legal rights regarding certification for electrical work carried out in your home or business premises.

Home owners – ten years from new and testing thereafter is advised, usually @ five yearly intervals, or during upgrades etc. Does your consumer unit comply – has it got a test label attached?

Many of the clients I visit on a daily basis are totally unaware of their legal rights regarding certification and in some cases are duped into believing that certification is not necessary.

Some installations I visit fall well below standards required, this is unacceptable.
Being able to take issue with an installer if things go wrong requires proof of them doing the work – certification.
Certification is your legal right – make sure you receive it.
All too often I hear; it was promised but did not arrive, or I was told I did not need it?

Failure by any registered electrician to provide electrical certification for notifiable work is an offence and can result in that electrician being dismissed from their organisation.

Test certification is your written guarantee that an electrical installation has been assessed and verified as safe for continued use – it is a legal document and can be traced to the person who issues it.
Approved certification confirms that any changes or additions comply fully with BS 7671-2008 wiring regulations.
These regulations can be used in a court of law against those who flout them.

Be fully aware, if you are unable to provide certification for an insurance claim, this may result in cover being declined, costing you financial loss and great stress.

During the last thirty-five years in business the electrical industry has changed a great deal, regretfully there are those who fight change or choose to ignore safe working practices.

All registered electricians have a moral and legal obligation to ensure that all of their clients receive the best possible standards of service and that certification is issued where necessary. Despite this I often find myself asking clients why they chose to use a non-competent electrician?
I am often advised that they assumed the electrician was qualified, having been told so by a friend – or they saw an advert?

Use an NICEIC contractor, we are assessed yearly by a senior electrical engineer, the job of these engineers is to ensure that all our work reaches the highest standards possible.
NICEIC electricians are also required to have Public Liability Insurance to protect you.
It really does make sense to be sure.

If you need further advice or clarification please call.